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Enrolment for the Kids’ Writeshop is by module and not by session. You need to enrol for the whole module. Our kids would even say one session isn’t enough for all the fun! Enrol in one module or in all of them for best results! 😉
Of course! Enrolment is always ongoing. We try to make our sessions very flexible and independent to fit everyone’s schedule.
No problem! If you miss one session, you can always make up another session from the next module to make it up. The make up session is only permitted til the end of the next module.
Nope! Your make up session is part of the module you are currently enrolled in. If you wish to join the next module as well, you can take another make up session from the following module.
You can join the Publishing Party the following module to present your work. To be able to join the Publishing Party, you must already have completed 3 sessions.
Yes. If you have paid for a module which hasn’t started, but may want to postpone, we may move your reservation but only until the following module.
Our team of educationalist specialists are comprised with local and international academe who have been doing this for the past 15 years in the scholastic field in the Philippines.
The program is designed to have its impact on the students’ development and appreciation on reading, critical thinking and writing by the end of his/her third module. We also encourage home support, for parents to help facilitate the reading log of their kids. We highly encourage and hope that you will continue with the next modules.
To be part of the Young Writers’ Society and be launched as one of the first batch of young authors in the Philippines, it is a prerequisite to join the Kids as Authors Program at the Filipinas Heritage Library or an afterschool program of the school.

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