4 to 6 years old
7 to 9 years old
10 to 12 years old

Once or twice a week

Part of tuition or to be charged additionally by the school upon student’s enrolment.

Price is negotiated with the school.

After School Program

Writeshop is a school-based, extra-curricular Kids-As-Authors activity that reinforces grade-level literacy skills. It provides a process of developing their writing voices and refining their sense of purpose and conventions to the level necessary to publish their own books.

The program exposes students to a variety of authentic literature in fiction and non-fiction to inspire a habit and love for reading and writing.

Young authors experience the real process of publishing at every stage from conception to publication. As a culmination of their work, they celebrate the writing process with a Publishing Party where other students, parents, teachers and school administrators are invited.

For more information, please email learn@educasian-publishers.com.


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