Teacher Workshops

Based on our clients’ needs, we design and deliver teacher development workshops with ready-to-use strategies to boost student learning.

Sample workshops

  • Literacy across the curriculum. Effective strategies for teaching reading and writing across the core subject areas.
  • Building multiple literacies in the English classroom. Tap into your students’ powerful meaning-making abilities across contexts and modes
  • Engaging students in the writing process. Learn how to teach writing as a purposeful, student-centered process.
  • Managing the paper load: Designing instruction with a focus on learning . Creating rich, authentic assessments for large class sizes.
  • Rethinking grades: Evaluating student work to encourage learning. How to provide grades and feedback as a beginning rather than endpoint of learning.
  • How to foster student-centered learning. Classroom strategies to engage students in core subject areas.
  • A+ Space: Organizing the classroom environment to maximize learning. Apply universal design principles to your classroom to encourage learning.
  • Rethinking reading and writing. Get beyond phonics, decoding and the mechanics of handwriting to delve into new perspectives on core literacy competencies.
  • Cultivating creative responses to literature. Vary your assignments to get the most from students’ interactions with texts.
  • Multi-genre approaches to teaching. Learn to combine a variety of texts in your lessons to teach students about multiple perspectives and making connections.
  • Building cross-curricular connections. Learn the principles of cross-curricular unit planning across content areas for greater coherence, depth and relevance.
  • Designing intelligent group work. Design and evaluate effective group work for many purposes .
  • Self-assessment in classroom. Encourage introspection through the use of rubrics, peer feedback and reflection across the content areas.

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